20 Curtain Colors To Make Small Living Room Look Bigger

Ever walked into a room and felt it just expand? That’s the magic of colors at work! And guess what? Your curtains are the secret weapon. They frame your windows, set the ambiance, and, yes, can make your living room look bigger. So, if you want to give your space that expansive feel without knocking down walls, you’re in the right spot! Let’s dive into 20 curtain colors that’ll work like a charm. Ready to be wowed? Let’s roll!

1. White

White curtain colors

Think of a breezy summer day with clouds drifting by. That’s the vibe white curtains bring. They radiate airy brightness, giving your living room a fresh, open feel. Simple, yet transformative!

2. Soft Gray

Soft Gray Curtain Colors

Picture a sleek modern loft in the heart of the city. Soft gray drapes lend that touch of understated sophistication. They’re like the elegant blazer in your wardrobe – always fitting, no matter the occasion.

3. Beige

Beige Curtain-Colors

The “little black dress” of curtains! Beige goes with everything. It balances warm and cool perfectly, bringing a versatile charm to any decor. Every living room loves a hint of beige.

4. Cream

Cream Curtain-Colors

If white is a summer day, cream is a cozy autumn morning. It is warm, inviting, and just the right amount of richness. Cream curtains make your space feel like a warm hug. Who doesn’t want that?

5. Taupe

Taupe Curtain-Colors


The modern maven of neutrals. Taupe brings that contemporary edge without being too in-your-face. It’s a fresh take on neutrals, blending both gray and brown for a harmonious look. Perfect for those looking for a hint of modernity.

6. Vanilla

Vanilla Curtain-Colors


Ah, the sweet, subtle scent and color of vanilla! These drapes are incredibly dreamy if you have wooden furniture. They don’t just hang there; they complement and highlight those gorgeous wood tones, making everything feel cohesive and oh-so-chic.

7. Pale Blue

Pale Blue Curtain-Colors

Ever laid on the grass, looking up, and just got lost in the vastness of the sky? That’s the beauty of pale blue curtains. They capture the serenity and expanse of open skies, making your living room breathe and stretch out.

8. Mint Green

Mint Green Curtain-Colors

Imagine a dew-kissed morning, with fresh leaves shimmering under the sun. Mint green curtains encapsulate that freshness. They’re like a breath of fresh air whenever you walk into the room. Think springtime all year round!

9. Peach


The soft glow during sunrise, the gentle hue of a summer afternoon—peach curtains radiate that sunlit spaciousness. They bathe your living room in a warm, inviting glow, making it feel expansive and cheerful.

10. Ice Blue

Ice Blue Curtain-Colors

Picture a crystal-clear winter day, everything sharp and defined against the frosty air. Ice blue brings that crisp clarity indoors. It’s a refreshing splash of cool, making spaces feel open and pristine.

11. Light Teal

Light Teal Curtain-Colors

Dive into a lagoon where the sky’s blue meets the forest’s green. Light teal curtains are the perfect marriage of both hues. They evoke the depth of oceans and the vibrancy of jungles, offering a dynamic twist to nature’s canvas.

12. Light Pink

Light Pink Curtain-Colors

Ah, the blush of first love! Light pink curtains infuse your living room with a delicate, feminine flair. They’re like that tender touch or gentle smile—subtle yet full of charm. And the best part? They’re not just for girly spaces; they can add a soft pop to any decor.

13. Lavender

Lavender Curtain-Colors


Have you ever walked through a lavender field with the world slowing down just a tad? Lavender drapes bring that serenity right inside. Their tranquil tones are a balm for the soul, creating a peaceful oasis in the heart of your home.

14. Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose Curtain-Colors


Next, dive into the pages of an old love letter, and you’ll find the hue of a dusty rose. These curtains envelop your room in romantic depth. It’s vintage, timeless, and oh-so-enchanting. Think candlelit dinners and slow dances.

15. Whispered Plum

Whispered Plum Curtain-Colors


This is where elegance meets a touch of mystery. Whispered plum might sound quiet, but it’s a gentle standout. It’s the muted jazz in the background, the poetic pause in a conversation—there, yet making quite the statement.

16. Butter Yellow

Butter Yellow Curtain-Colors

Ever walked into a room and felt instantly happier? Thank butter yellow for that. It’s like sunshine captured in fabric form. Hanging these curtains is like having a daily dose of vitamin D. They’re the ultimate mood enhancers, positively painting your space.

17. Soft Coral

Soft Coral Curtain-Colors

Close your eyes. Feel the warm sand beneath your feet, hear the distant waves, and smell the salty breeze that’s soft coral for you. Draping your windows with this hue brings a summery feel, no matter the season. It’s a beach vacation right in your living room.

18. Pale Turquoise

Pale Turquoise Curtain-Colors


Every time you glance at these curtains, you see the crystal-clear waters of a tropical lagoon. Pale turquoise is the splash of paradise, the essence of island getaways. It adds a refreshing tropical touch, making every day feel like a mini holiday.

19. Champagne

Champagne Curtain-Colors


Have you ever watched the bubbles dance in a glass of the finest champagne? That’s the vibe these curtains bring. The glimmering grace of champagne-colored drapes adds a touch of celebration to the everyday. They shimmer, shine, and elevate your space to a whole new level of sophistication.

20. Pearl

Pearl Curtain-Colors

Imagine the full moon’s glow on a calm sea or the subtle sheen of a freshly picked oyster shell. That’s the beauty of pearl. These curtains don’t just hang; they radiate a lustrous light. A timeless choice, pearl drapes add a sense of luxury and serenity, making your living room feel both cozy and lavish.

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